Samsung galaxy s9 showcases the innovative swipe feature

The Samsung galaxy notice is the most advanced handset which the maker currently has on the market. Every facet of its own spec list is impressive, incorporating the latest and greatest in Smartphone technology. In this article, however, I will be taking a closer look at one of it lesser known, but definitely impressive attributes called swipe. Swipe is a text input system that allows users to accelerate their text entry times by utilizing the innovative touch screen technology of this handset. The big 5.3 inch screen utilizes super amole capacitive touch screen technology and has an outstanding resolution of a meaning high definition games and videos can be enjoyed on a big screen.

hybrid Samsung galaxy

On most other smart phones, you touch each letter on the screen keyboard separately, but on the Samsung galaxy notice, you do not have to take your finger off the screen. You simply slide your finger from one letter to another. I’m positive you can see how this can accelerate text entry times. With a little practice, using it will become second nature. The Samsung galaxy notice is a perfect handset for several kinds of Smartphone user. The flexibility it provides is virtually unrivalled, so anybody can take advantage of its hardware and software alike. The swipe feature actually sets it apart though and this makes it an ideal instrument for people who enter a great deal of text on their telephone. Be it when composing an email, file, text message or social media update.

Of course there is a good deal more to the Samsung galaxy notice, but hopefully you can see that when there is this degree of invention in a characteristic as dreary as text entry, then the remainder of the handset is in a similar standard. Some of its key features include an 8 megapixel camera, the fastest web browsing speeds of any Smartphone, the big high definition display, and the latest edition of the android operating system. If you would like to learn more about the Samsung galaxy notice, please do look at a number of my other posts where I review a few of its other important characteristics in more detail. If you are interested in the galaxy notice or its popular stalemate the Samsung Galaxy S9 Price, you will be very happy to know they are both available on all major up networks, with many even giving the handset at no cost on selected tariffs.