How safe are your personal care products?

We know that there are chemicals in our personal care products, which some of them are harmful to our health. There are hundreds of chemical ingredients that are hazardous in personal care products. To be able to examine your products more carefully, the ingredients must be read by you! Products can claim to be natural, even organic. However, you will learn that they are anything but after reading the components. To perform a quick check on some of your products, check out the Skin Deep: Cosmetic Security Database run by Environmental Working Group. Enter the name of baby merchandise, cosmetic or personal care product even toothpaste, and discover the security rating of the components contained in the product.

natural personal care products

The database will let you know what impacts the ingredients have in your physique. You might be surprised by the security of the products you use. Common ingredients are carcinogenic, neurotoxin, disrupt the endocrine system, have more, and effects. The good news is that there are many products on the market today that use naturalĀ aromatherapy ingredients, and they operate and their counterparts. Their producers avoid the use of chemicals in their formulations, and their products are designed with concern and product safety. The Cosmetic Security Database recommends the products in dozens of categories.

It is easy to obtain recommendations for products using this Source, but you might not recognize any of the brand names. Lots of the products are made by producers that people have heard of being able to see them. Because the web is our friend, never fear, however. These manufacturers have a site and products can be ordered via their website and delivered to your door. To learn more about the chemicals in our personal care products And our recommendation of the safest products, see Articles & Links in Hibiscus Naturals website. Cynthia Tim is the owner of Hibiscus Naturals, an online merchant specializing in natural & organic products for home and your body. They carry organic and natural cosmetics, skin care, hair care, and natural household cleaning products. An advocate of product security is on sharing information regarding the risks of chemicals in products daily we use. They believe in imparting everyone to make the most of well-being and their health through the use of natural products.