There Are Devices Available That Are Better Than Cars Then Why Stay Stuck on Cars?

When I say devices, I actually mean the numerous electric vehicles that are being produced by the transport industry that are really helping in sustaining the environment. People are even more motivated to use them because of this. There are many electric vehicles now available.

Electric Bikes

Companies are now producing new and improved electric bikes which are really changing the trends of daily commute. Inventors have put a battery and a motor in the regular bicycle, thereby, improving its performance. They increase the speed of the bike and it can be used daily to travel to work and other places. Some are made in a very gaudy way so that they can be used in hard terrains. There are rear hub bikes and mid drive bikes and you can get whichever one suits you better. The maximum speed limit in most countries is 20 mph but there are companies which produce bikes with a maximum speed of 28 mph.

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Electric Scooters

Electric scooters work as well as the electric bikes however, there speed limit is ranged from 10-15 mph. They were only used by kids and teenagers for paly but ow they are made in a very sleek and stylish way. They also have a removable padded seat which makes it even more comfortable to use. The deck size is also increased for comfort. However, the speed of the bike depends on the weight of the user and works well for teenagers but many adults still use them for daily commute.


These are the coolest devices made by the transport industry and are considered as a major breakthrough. They come with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers which really enhance the experience of hoverboards.