The Benefits of Upright Display Freezers for Restaurants

Stay cold is a leading South African supplier of self-contained commercial freezers largely for the friendliness industry. Staycold provides a winning combination of most current ingenious innovation, outstanding integrity, and definitely magnificent style.

Dining establishments manage a great deal of food products, a lot of it needs to continue to be amazing or frozen to avoid it from going bad. At the very same time it is additionally essential that the restaurant owner or chef monitors the foodstuff. The chef needs to be aware of all food that are in the fridge freezer at any provided time. They require to recognize how much of a specific food remains in the freezer and when it expires. Recording your supply levels is essential for any kind of service, yet it is essentially critical in the food market where the items are perishable.

An excellent way to keep track of frozen foods is with a Staycold upright display fridge freezer, especially one that has a glass door. This will certainly enable you to see the food through the glass door while maintaining the cold air inside the unit. It is advisable that when you obtain brand-new food, to store them at the back, therefore relocating previously kept foodstuff to the front of the fridge freezer. In this manner, you will be in control of your supply and you will certainly use the food before its expiration day.


With a Staycold upright commercial display freezers you can keep many items on the racks. You can devote each shelf to a particular foodstuff, for example, rack one can be made use of for meat products, rack 2 for icy veggies, and so on. The shelving system in this commercial refrigeration equipment enables you to organize your foodstuff neatly and have a system in place that all your cooking area personnel can adhere to. This will reduce complication among kitchen area team and will certainly enhance their performance as they will recognize exactly where to find a specific component.

Staycold upright freezers take up less flooring room than the conventional breast freezers. It likewise lends itself to an extra ergonomic layout, as you do not need to bend your back awkwardly to grab an item. You can merely stand and reach inside the unit or flex your knees to reach the reduced racks.

In order for dining establishments to run efficiently, they need to have the right catering equipment in position. Staycold upright freezers provide your dining establishment the ability to be a lot more organized and reliable.

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