Ford Powerstroke EGR System – Where it is, Why it is a Problem, and What to Do About It

In 2003 Ford presented the 6.0 Powerstroke to the world. This is the same engine that International calls the VT365. This engine has actually obtained a really negative reputation in the diesel globe because of dependability concerns. We will deal with one of the problem areas here today, the EGR system.

Prior to I go any kind of farther, please understand that the EGR system is an exhausts tool. It is against Federal legislation to tamper, get rid of, or render an exhausts system unusable. Please recognize that all the information in this short article was gathered from off-road only trucks and I do not back the removal or tampering with of any kind of discharges system of a vehicle that is used on public roads. All the information acquired for this short article is from testing vehicles on our Superflow chassis dyno in the shop. It is up to you and your mechanic to decide what actions you wish to take in customizing your vehicle. Use this info at your very own risk.;-RRB-.

Among the most frequently asked questions we get is what is the EGR system and why do I need it? We do not have to go right into long technological summaries right here. EGR represents Exhaust Gas Recirculation. To meet particular exhausts requirements, it is essential to reintroduce exhaust gases right into the consumption air in order to bring certain elements in the exhaust within levels established for that year of truck. Obviously you would not intend to discard warm exhaust gas straight right into the intake manifold, to ensure that is why there is an EGR cooler. The cooler has engine coolant going through it and looks very much like a normal radiator or heating unit core. The exhaust gas travels through this little radiator and lowers the exhaust gas to a temperature that it is able to be introduced right into the intake system at. On the 6.0 Powerstroke engine, it is a very easy system consisting just of a cooler and a shutoff EGR Cleaner. When the engine’s computer decides the EGR shutoff need to open under certain problems, the exhaust gas is blurt of the cooler and into the consumption manifold. And right here we have the initial hint of an issue; the exhaust gas is constantly in the EGR cooler.

The big trouble below is heat. It is feasible for an entirely supply engine to generate exhaust gas temperature levels well in excess of 1000 degrees. How much time do you think it would certainly last? Next off, put that heating unit core in an enclosed box that needs to withstand not only the heats, however additionally 10-50 psi of exhaust backpressure that is developed before the turbo it and the exhaust manifold. Despite the fact that the cooler is constructed of materials that are implied for higher temperatures, it is not an issue of if, but when your cooler will stop working. Ideal instance circumstance is that the cooler simply leaks a little coolant right into the exhaust system and it loses consciousness the exhaust and you simply discover some coolant loss.